Love is an emotion of strong affection and personal attachment.


You entered in my heart like a sunshine and you made it your palace,

You filled the big space in my feelings and I discovered new ones,

You teach me how to say “us” rather than “I”,

You told me that love is worth more than gold,

You fill my memory with beautiful souvenirs like I never had,

You make me feel loved like nobody before,

Your smile means light in my life and your eyes are my inspiration,

You show wonderful kindness and always wants to make me happy,

You make me dream day and night about you,

You make me believe that you are the one,

You are with me when I need you,

You made me cry of happiness,

You are my best friend, my girlfriend, my wife, my lover,

You are the one I can’t live without,

You understand me and know how to pardon,

You are all to me,

I could spend the night writing about you but eternity is not long enough,

I realize the chance I have to be your husband,

I love you more and more, every moments, every time I breath,

I thank life for putting you on my path,

I thank life for the best gift I could ever receive : you,

I know you are my soulmate,

I know us was meant to be,

I need a girl like you,

I want a girl like you,

I know deep inside me that it will stay like that,

Eu te amo Thaynara, up until my last minute, more than words could tell or more than gifts could say...

Obrigado por tudo.